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So here is my head shot. The one I use on all of my “official pages”. This is the one you’ll find on my LinkedIn profile, my Psychology Today listing, my office website, etc. Yep, this is what I look like. I think it’s a good representation of the sophisticated, professional, formal me. But a picture like this tells so little about a person! (You can go back to my Consulting and Counseling page to learn more about my professional life.) Many of my colleagues like to joke that the reason people seek my services is because they’ll look at my picture first. Is that true? Maybe, maybe not. Let me break down who I really am….


6I live in sunny Las Vegas, NV. Yes, the gambling, nightlife, club-scene, party-going, “bottle service”, all-you-can anything of the country. Getting into mental health and consulting couldn’t be a better idea. People come to Las Vegas to get lost in their fantasy world. I mean, our official city slogan is “what happens here stays here”. I have lived in Las Vegas all of my life and MY whole fantasy was life outside of this city; yet, I ended up leaving for only a short period of time only to come back to Las Vegas, get married, settle down. With a mortgage and multiple businesses, I am stuck. Because of this, I made the most and the best of being in Las Vegas. I immersed myself in the Las Vegas culture, not to live a life of “sin”, but to find out what, in my eyes, this city was lacking so that I can love this smallest big city and call it my home… a place where I would be proud to raise my kids.


My husband and I are both first generation Asian-Americans. Both in the healthcare field. (He “fixes” eyes. His website here if you need an eye doctor in Las Vegas www.drallenhuioptometry.com). We have a daughter, Kate, and she pretty much IS our life now. Plus our other two 4-legged kids, that is. Having her was definitely an adventure and watching her grow and develop every day is definitely one of the most exciting things of my life. These aforementioned things in my life are just a few of what influenced me to do what I did and do what I do today. There is a lot to Balance when there are so many things influencing every aspect of life. Every day, I deal with the culture clash of being raised in an Asian-American home and now raising a daughter in one. Not to mention, striving to be a sufficient mother and wife, a committed friend, and good daughter while also fulfilling the duties of a clinician and business woman. Some people find this challenging, others find it unnecessarily chaotic. To me, I find it exciting

I live by the words of Ms. Audrey Hepburn herself:

I believe in pink.

I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

I believe tomorrow is another day

And I believe in miracles.

I invite you to follow my journey as I learn from the experiences and the people I meet everyday how to keep the chaos that is my life ELEGANTLY BALANCED


Reach out to me anytime~ stefanie.hui@elegantlybalanced.com

Twitter – @BElegantly

Instagram- @ElegantlyBalanced


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