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Counseling and Lifestyle Consulting


Most people know what counseling and therapy are. So I won’t tell you what it is, but I WILL applaud you for being here. When you’re ready to talk, I am here to listen. As a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counseling, with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, hopefully, something in my 10+ years in the mental health field will be able to help you through individual counseling and holistic and integrative intervention approaches.


Business Consulting

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Sometimes you just need to put everything on the table and talk to someone who’s been there and done that to help you put things into perspective. Making decisions is difficult, especially when you mix passion and logic. There are times when your dreams are big but your resources are limited.

Currently in a Doctoral education and training program in Human Development and Organizational Development and Change,

Whether it is a decision for a lifestyle change or a new business venture, I’m here to listen and provide guidance.

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